Rolwaling Excursion

Rolwaling Excursion is a trusted adventure company, specializing in trekking and climbing expeditions to the pristine mountain valleys and majestic peaks of Nepal and the Tibetan Plateau. Established in 2004, Rolwaling Excursion is owned and operated by Chiring Dorje Sherpa, who has summitted Everest 16 times, along with his brothers.

Adventure Company Specialized in Trekking And Expeditions Service

Rolwaling Excursion Rolwaling Excursion

Requirements & Solutions

Application features

Rolwaling Excursion is build with objective to provide knowledge about the company , travel packages it provides and services they provide for the tourists, trekkers and travelers. The application provides user platform to compare different packages on the basis ofย  price , latest offers and travel package details.

Application features

  • User interactive UI
  • Easy Update of the latest travel packages.
  • Easy Update of the latest package offers.
  • Search engine friendly desi

Technology Used

  • GreenSock library Animation
  • BX Slider
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • WordPress (PHP)
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