Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Nepal

You just uploaded your group photos on Facebook, the service automatically highlights faces and suggest friends to tag. You love reading articles about gadgets and your Facebook newsfeed filled up with those interesting articles about gadgets. Facebook know what you love to read or see. These interesting systems are achieved by AI.

AI is the simulation of human intelligence performed by the machine, epically in computer systems. Let’s understand in the very simple way, AI helps to work like a human. They don’t have brain, someone must feed the brain inside the machine and we generally called Robot. Now when you fill brain into the machine, it turns out as the intelligence machine not natural. This is AI. AI also known for branch of computer science to create or develop intelligent machine.

In the context of Nepal, major questions come to everyone mind, how Nepal will practice the AI kinds of things? Will this be sustainable in the country like Nepal? How will it go up? They are some major and basic and common question that came to everyone head when we talked about Artificial Intelligence AI in the scenario of Nepal. Right now, AI kinds of things are more new and challenging issues here. But it could be one of the best platforms to only countries like Nepal to develop and go into the world of digitalization. Though, Nepal has lots of challenges and problems are on every corner and yet, they are left to solve down.

However, Fusemachine and Paaila Technology are major tech-company working in AI for a long time. Still there are some more tech companies are working to come up with innovation in AI. This means we have future of possibility to work more for AI in our country Nepal.

Going Digitalization

Going digitalization is every country motto. Nepal itself is part of it. The latest Management Information System (MIS) report prepared by Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) shows that internet penetration in the country reached 61.09 per cent of the total population till mid July 2017. This means we are in the safer road to digital Nepal. The possibility is here, but the Government itself must work on this matter and needed to improve the policies. Now, country’s driven into the federal systems, decentralization helps to achieve the goal sooner. Every government work must be now onwards digital and online interaction. Incorporating accessible technology in governmental enterprises helps agencies to improve productivity in municipal services and provide better social and community outcomes.

AI in Nepal

Implementing AI in the different areas of Nepal could be challenging now, but it is the best platform to the country like Nepal to adopt and grow in future. This innovation surely give a new direction to the Nepal as well as in the development.

  1. Health: Most of the hospitals in Nepal use paper documents instead of electronic recorded data and doctors have same problems of tracking down patient records. AI could be great future in the field of medicine. We can utilize all the medical activities and run simultaneously. We can think of telemedicine, due to various topography situation in Nepal telemedicine could play major role to solve it out.

Additionally, AI helps to analyse the data, notes the record of the patient, external research, and clinical expertise- helps to select the correct order and information. Next best part about the digital consultation; based on the medical history and report of the patient it guides accordingly.

  1. Agriculture: Nepal where 75% of the people are engaged in agriculture people to falsify the need for AI in agriculture. The country like Nepal this AI could use to simulate the soil condition for the crops. Installed cameras in the greenhouse will take frequent images that could solve problems like pests and diseases in the plants. The instant feedback plays the great role to act on it.

Precision Agriculture, is the emerging agri tools that use the advance technology, equipment, and data to analytics to improve crops production. Framers easily analyse the data from their machine, from their fields or even from their satellites that help more efficient and accurate to use the resources accordingly. They could use the natural resources, water, soil, fuels etc to solve down that seen issue. So, the country like Nepal will get more beneficial when AI is used in agriculture.

  1. Tourism: According to Department of Immigration more than 0.8 million foreign tourist from all over the world came to visit Nepal and experience the Himalayans in 2017. We are hoping this number would grow much higher in near future. Nepal has magnificent opportunity in tourism sectors. AI could be the best tool to manage tourism industry, simply we can inbuild the language translation for more easy and natural conversation. AI could help to track down all the travel date, time and guides whoever as well comes to visit Nepal. Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation are expected to get the accurate information and tourist flows data if they introduced AI in tourism.

To sum up, the Global market for Artificial Intelligence(AI) is estimated in very impressive way. The latest research by shows that the growth of AI from 2017 to 2025 is expected to growth 175 percent and reaching the forecast size of 2.4 billion U.S dollars. This is considered as chief driving factors for global market for Artificial Intelligence. AI is likely to be one of the next great technology shifts.

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