Wild Stone Adventure

Interactive visual design & Animation and Product Comparision

About Wild Stone Adventure

Wild Stone Adventure is a travel and trekking company involved in Nepal’s Tourism sector for almost 12 years. They provide each and every services that is required for a traveller to perfrom trekking in Nepal. They also provide tour by helicopter service and car rental deals.

Service : Travel and Trekking

Web-link : https://trekgreathimalaya.com

Requirements & Solutions

Wild Stone Adventure is build with objective to provide knowledge about the company , travel packages it provides and services they provide for the tourists, trekkers and travelers. The application provides user platform to compare different packages on the basis of  price , latest offers and travel package details.

Application features

  • User interactive UI
  • Easy Update of the latest travel packages.
  • Easy Update of the latest package offers.
  • Search engine friendly design

Technology Used

  • GreenSock library Animation
  • BX Slider
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • WordPress (PHP)