Vinayak  Craft

About Vinayak Craft

Defining Nepal’s artistic culture in the product, the company VINAYAK CRAFT is flourishing in the jewellery manufacturing industry for more than two decades now. Nepalese jewellery can be dated back from many years and the design has been appreciated throughout the world. Since we have talents that can meet up with contemporary as well as modern designs, the company took it as an opportunity to flourish designs and art in the international market as well.

Service : Custom Made Stone Jewellery

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Requirements & Solutions

Vinayak Craft is a platform where owners can seamlessly list their products on the website. Customers can choose the product, view the price of the product, and make an inquiry regarding that product. Customers can also view the product on the basis of the category and many more.

Application features

  • Listing of Products
  • Customer Enquiry System

Technology Used

  • PHP 
  • Wordpress
  • MySQL
  • Saas