Society For Urban Poor

Interactive visual design & Animation

About SOUP

‘SOUP is the Society for Urban Poor’ is a non-profit social development organization which was founded in 2049 B.S. ( 1992) by a group of young involved members with good working experience within the field of various social developments.

SOUP’s goal is, to create the conditions for the urban poor to change their lifestyle and this way improve their quality of life facilitating and providing necessary support. SOUP aims to reduce the present multi problems of the urban poor, by stimulating their own ability to self-support and independence.

Service : Social Service

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Requirements & Solutions

SOUP is build with objective to provide interactive knowledge guide to user.  The front end designs build using GreenSock library provides user an overview of Company thier past works and contributions towards the development of the urban poor people

Application features

  • User interactive UI
  • Search engine friendly design

Technology Used

  • GreenSock library Animation
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • WordPress (PHP)