SAMA Printers

Interactive Visual design & Animation with multiple rich colors

About SAMA Printers

Founded in 2001 SAMA printers with an objective of becoming the leader in providing unrivalled printing solutions.  We deliver on our promise through state-of-the-art infrastructure, latest hi-tech machineries, and a team of highly trained professionals.  SAMA proves to be the brightest shining star in the printing industry in Nepal. We are more focused on quality printing and innovation.

Service : Digital Printing Service

Web-link :

Requirements & Solutions

SAMA web application is build focusing on the SAMA brand value and its identity. Multiple rich colors are used which are related to print media. This Application provides user information about SAMA , its identity and displays its products.

Application features

  • UI is designed following brand identity
  • Provides user information about the brand
  • Potrays clients portfolio
  • easy-to-use interface
  • Multi level user security

Technology Used

  • PHP (Wordpress)
  • MySQL
  • RevSlider
  • Saas