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Being on the industry for some time we realized the gap between what the company expects and what the academy pass-outs are capable. The academy tried to fortify her students with the concepts, tools, and techniques designated on the curriculum.  But what happens is that IT industry is very dynamic industry and when our academy declares us “Ready for the Market”, here the market have different sets of tools/techniques in practices, without which they can’t work productively.

Due to that gap, at one hand we have Industry searching for suitable manpower to work productively under their setup and on the other hand, students are eager to get the opportunity to get engaged and sharpen their skills further. And the intersection between these two is very small, which is what we want to smooth out a bit.

What you’ll learn?

Senior Developer/Designers working on the industry will be sharing with you what the current market expects from you and will arm you with the skills and tools required to meet those expectations. You will be taught about current trends, tools, and techniques required to work on real-world projects with the team.

At end of each week, we will be making a project covering the lessons we learned on that week and along with it, visiting sessions will be conducted by Industry heros to share their experience and to inspire you further.

Not only that but you will be taught how to write CVs, how to communicate with team/clients and we will also help you with the placements.


Course Content

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  1. Technologies on Trend
    1. Latest Design Trend [ Material, Bootstrap, Gradient, SVG]
    2. Javascript and Jquery
    3. Font Icon [ Fontawesome, Material Icon ]
    4. Frameworks and Uses
  2. Essentials tools for Developments
    1. Version Control [ Git ]
    2. Editors/IDE
      1. Comparisons
      2. The basics shortcuts you can’t ignore
      3. Productivity Hacks
    3. The command line
  3. CSS/HTML crash course
    1. HTML Essentials
    2. Color
    3. Classes and IDs
    4. Building a simple layout
    5. Relative vs Absolute
    6. Getting Start with chrome inspect tool
    7. Sass Basic Concept
    8. Media Queries
  4. JS/Jquery crash
    1. A quick overview of Javascript and Jquery
    2. Overview of Javascript Frameworks
    3. Effects and Animation
    4. Element Selectors
    5. How to use jquery plugins
    6. Handling Forms and Keyboard Events
    7. Ajax with Jquery
  5. Database Intro
    1. SQL vs NoSQL
    2. Existing DBS (MySQL,SQLite,mongo)
    3. UI to access MySQL
    4. import/export
    5. Queries and the cost
  6. WordPress Crash Course
    1. WordPress Installation
    2. Salts and Plugins
    3. Static Homepage and Posts
    4. Modify Page
    5. Change Theme
    6. Build a Simple Website
    7. Child Theme
  7. Laravel crash course
    1. Setting things up
    2. Routing
    3. Controllers
    4. Migrations
    5. Models
    6. Blade Templating
    7. Using Templates
  8. Deployment
    1. Accessing the servers(ssh/Filezilla/scp)
    2. Servers (nginx/apache)
    3. Config locations/site root directory/permissions
    4. Serving content
    5. Deploying updated contents
  9. How to Ask / Google
    1. Where are resources
    2. how to find them
  10. How to Debug
    1. Understanding the control flow
    2. Reading the logs
    3. Checkpoints and Debugging
    4. Find the culprit
  11. SEO Basic Crash Course
  12. Get inspired
  13. Writing CV
  14. Commonly used Programming Terms
  15. Communication is the key
  16. Tips for Interview

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